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Pakistan is surely passing through a great “transition.” The ever-expanding youth-bulge, coupled with unemployment, inequality, injustice, and lack of social services paints a bleak picture of our future. More than 60 million people still live below the poverty line and our Human Development Index (HDI) is the lowest in South Asia. Adding to the misery, the tendency of youth towards violent extremism (VE) harms our collective persona and purges our ethos of humane dispositions. Many have been disillusioned and believe that nothing can happen in Pakistan that will rid her of her burdens. HIVE Pakistan does not concur.

We believe that a better- Pakistan is possible. We believe that our glorious past, diverse traditions, poignant culture, literary character, and intellectual capital combined with the recent progress in ICT, infrastructure development and fight against extremism bring us, as a community, in a unique position to navigate through our problems and manifest a reality that is closer to our dreams. We believe that this philanthropy obsessed nation can collaborate with the public and private sector in a meaningful manner to instigate processes of social change that will help us evolve as a collective. It is with this belief that HIVE Pakistan was formed.
At HIVE- young professionals with unique qualifications and experiences obsessed with a dream of a better Pakistan come together to solve society’s most daunting challenges. Having worked in over 40 cities across Pakistan in the last 10 years, the team at HIVE has not only talked but walked-the-walk towards its shared dream.
We welcome every corporation, donor agency, NGO, activist, scholar, artist, and concerned citizen to come forward and join hands with us. Let us create innovative solutions, campaigns, interventions, and projects that will preserve the ‘Spirit of Pakistan’.

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” – African Proverb

Services we offer

Out of the box solutions to social, economic, political, and environmental problems.

Research & Trainings

Academic Research

Public Opinion

Capacity Building

Civic Education

It is focused on research, training, development of resources and creation of content on over-arching themes of social development. So far, we have delivered over 300 trainings on diverse social development subjects of crucial importance. Hive’s academic research work includes research projects with University of Sussex and University of Southern California.

Campaigning & Content Development

Digital Media & Social Media

Transmedia Campaigning

On-Ground Interventions

A multimedia studio producing engaging content that raises awareness, highlights issues and provokes debate. Hive has produced many documentaries and conducted social media campaigns for various social development initiatives. We take a storytelling approach towards developing engaging content that is disseminated through multiple platforms.

Community Engagement

Community Mobilization

Product CSR Value Activation

Hive Pakistan has conducted over 200 social activities all over Pakistan with different intervention techniques and methodologies. We have a presence in all the major cities of Pakistan through the networks of volunteers, supporters, and community leaders and mobilizers.

Relief & Rehabilitation

Disaster Relief Management

Infrastructure Development

Our relief and rehabilitation expertise include immediate relief, building community resilience and infrastructure development and rehabilitation.

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Our Projects

YouthCAN Lab

HIVE Pakistan as a part of the Institute of Strategic Dialogue Global’s Youth Civil Activism Network implemented Youth Innovation Labs in Islamabad, Pakistan. These innovation labs engaged youth in developing campaigns that tackle a range of issues, including deconstructing stereotypes and myths regarding minorities, misinformation or 'fake news', and a lack of civic education among youth. Check out this Youth Innovation Lab video!

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HIVE Pakistan and CREID are implementing inclusive development projects in the most affected communities of Pakistan that face intersectional marginalization. The campaign assesses and analyses the situation of religious harmony in communities and then gathers the best practices regarding inclusive development initiatives. During the first phase, a research was conducted which exploed the intersecting inequalities in everyday life faced by miniotries.

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Peace Direct-Simurg

An initiative of Peace Direct in collaboration with HIVE Pakistan, Simurg envisions to create a community of activists, digital campaigners, artists, & academics that will create a fresh ecosystem of peace-driven individuals, groups & organizations. Simurg Fund will ensure emancipatory community development wherein special weightage is given to bottom-to-top approaches of social change. Simurg Fund will establish a skillshare exchange forum for partners to share knowledge, wisdom, & skills amongst themselves.

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AIK - Better Together

‘AIK – Better Together‘ is an awareness campaign that uses the vision of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah for promoting his message of social cohesion and navigates its theory of change through an interplay of innovative holographic technology, community capacity building trainings and campaigning for inclusive Pakistan.

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Chailogue is a community cafe - established, owned and run by the team members of HIVE Pakistan - that combines the universes of chai, dialogues and rich desi food to provide an "experience" you will not forget. Besides brewing a variety of teas, offering a choice of snacks and meals, we proudly host events that promote dialogues.

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Dil Say Pakistan

Dil Say Pakistan is Pakistan’s first transmedia campaign which entails documentaries, music videos, TV shows, radio programs, virtual reality experiences, social media activities, animation series, film festivals and on ground activities across the country to celebrate Pakistan’s diversity, acknowledge its unsung heroes and enable social good. Being the foremost partner of the campaign, HIVE Pakistan engaged 2 million users online and 5 lac people on ground in a matter of 12 months.

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Research for Mari Petroleum Leadership School

A community mapping and preliminary research on collecting data of children with disability in Daharki, Sindh for Mari Petroleum (MPCL) and Special Talent Exchange Program (STEP) to develop the feasibility of MPCL Leadership School for Children with Disabilities.

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Our Clients and Partners

Meet our Team



Executive Director

Ali is an aeronautical engineer who lost interest in aircraft and in search for a greater purpose in life, found his eternal passion in social activism and development. He later acquired post-graduate qualifications in Social Innovation and Transmedia Messaging from Sweden and USA. He founded Pakistan Youth Alliance, Khudi, HIVE and Dil Say Pakistan over the years all of which tackle society’s most pressing problems. He has successfully led more than 30 projects focused on countering-violent extremism, peacebuilding, interfaith harmony, civic education, social innovation and disaster relief. He has authored several research publications related to youth issues. A documentary on his work, “Pakistan: The New Radicals” by Al-Jazeera English profiled him as one of the nine most important activists in the world. He has been recognized as the “Bravest Blogger of The World” by US Daily Beast and has received several awards out of which the Intercultural Innovation Award by the UN and BMW Group, and the Azme Aalishan award are noteworthy.

Besides representing Pakistan at many international forums including the United Nations General Assembly and the United Nations Human Rights Council, he consults H.E Kofi Annan on matters related to youth, peace and security as one of the ten professionals in Kofi Annan Foundation’s elite panel of young leaders.

Ali takes great interest in spirituality, poetry and art which helped him come to terms with the contradictions of life. He believes that the dream of a plural, progressive and equal Pakistan can only be realized by meaningful collaborations at different intersections of the society.

“Wherever you are is the entry point.” – Kabir

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